Verben II

Verben II – Verbs II


Hören – sagen – essen – trinken

To hear – to say – to eat – to drink

Verben II – Verbs II

Hören – sagen – essen – trinken


Das Verb ‚hören‘: ich höre, du hörst, er hört

The verb ‚ to hear‘: I hear, you hear, he/she/it hears

Sie hört gerne Musik.

She like listening to music.

Ich höre nichts.

I can’t hear anything.

Er hört ein Auto kommen.

He can hear a car coming.

Der Hund hört nicht.

The dog does not follow.

Sagen: ich sage, du sagst, er sagt

To say: I say, you say, he/she/it says

Wir sagen (gar) nichts.

We don’t say anything (at all).

Ich sage es dir doch!

I am telling you!

Er sagt es seinem Vater.

He tells his dad.


Sie sagen es niemanden.

They tell nobody.

Trinken: ich trinke, du trinkst, er trinkt

To drink: I drink, you drink, he drinks

Er trinkt viel Wasser.

He drinks a lot of water.

Sie gehen etwas trinken.

They go for a drink.


Ich trinke Tee, Wasser, Saft, Milch, Bier, Wein, Kaffee.

I drink tea, water, juice, milk, bear, wine and coffee.

Essen: ich esse, du ißt, er/sie/es ißt

To eat: I eat, you eat, he/she/it eats


Sie essen viel Obst.

They eat a lot of fruit.

Du ißt gerne Pizza.

You like to eat pizza.

Ich esse gerne Kartoffeln, Gurken, Käsekuchen, Pflaumen und Eierkuchen.

I like to eat potatoes, cucumbers, cheese cake, plums, and pan cakes.

Was machst du gerade?

What are you doing?

Ich höre Musik.

I listen to music.

Sie ißt eine Banane.

She eats a banana.


Er hört den Hund bellen.

He hears the dog barking.

Was macht der Junge?

What is the boy doing?

Der Junge ißt Käsekuchen.

The boy is eating cheese cake.

Was macht sie?

What is she doing?

Sie trinkt ein Bier.

He drinks a bear.

Was machen sie?

What are they doing?

Sie essen viel Obst.

They eat a lot of fruit.

Was macht ihr?

What are you doing?

Wir sagen ‚Ja‘.

We are saying ‚yes‘.


2 comments on “Verben II

  1. Even though this post is very old and your last post is 2 years old, at the time I’m looking, your site still ranks very high in google and that’s a very good thing for me 😀 Because I was looking for some help (Don’t get me wrong, I get some damn good help at the school I’m attending: speakeasy Berlin) because lessons is over, I’m at home, my German room mate is out and I’m sitting here, trying to figure out my homework and your site (especially this post) helped me big time! So thank you very much for the time you invested in this site and the effort you took 🙂


    • Thank you Jens, glad to hear. I haven’t worked on anything due to no time unfortunately. Wish I could continue one day with newer posts. I suppose the ranking is helped by facebook with 6700 followers. Glad the videos and stories help you learning. All the best, Julia


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