Kieron and Elaine – Tickets for the concert (13)

Kieron and Elaine – Tickets for the concert (13)

abheben – to answer the phone

Kieron hebt ab. – Kieron answers the phone.

Anruf, der – the call

auf einen Anruf warten – to wait for a call

arbeiten – to work

begeistert – excited

bekannt – known

bekommen, etwas – to get something, to receive something

Firma, die – the business, company

Freund, der – the friend

Freundin, die – female friend

Karte, die – here: ticket

Klamotte, die – means: a slang word for stone or an old black and white TV comedy like laurel and Hardy, also a slang name for worn clothes

klingeln – to ring

das Telefon klingelt – the phone rings

Name, der – the Name

Radio, das – the radio

Schreibtisch, der – the office table

steif – stiff

Telefon, das – the telephone

umsonst – for free, at no cost

warten – to wait

Zeit, die – the time

jeder Zeit – every time


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