DMJ is currently setting up a related Webstore.

In cooperation with Leitrim Ad and Art Force you can currently buy locally designed Irish Greeting Cards. We hope to be able to offer Deutsch mit Julia Gadgets and booklets soon…

Juli's Webstore

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4 comments on “Webstore

    • Hi there and thanks for submitting the comment! I think some people just pick up languages very quickly anyway. Also there may be differnt types of learners. For me it helps reading a lot but it has to be something that I am really interested in. I also listen to a lot of radioplays while doing housework etc. Germany has a great radioplay tradition (even though mostly for kids and teens) and I would get a new tape every so often. Of course it’s very good being in the country of the language you are learning, too. You will use the language on a daily basis and that is great. I also think that when you have learned one language, you will pick up another one easier just because your brain is somehow trained for it. Hope this helps. All the best, Julia P.S. you can find one of my own favorite radioplays (since childhood) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2alDmdRZWMs


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